Hand Cream

Hand Cream

Hand Cream producer SCKZETA Kimya has expertise and passion for high quality products. We process responsibly sourced high-quality herbal raw materials in our GMP-standard manufacturing facility with certified methods and transform them into the extracts or end products our customers need for the personal care, cosmetics, cleaning and hgyiene product industries.

Our product categories, which we manufacture with care and precision in our fully equipped laboratories, are as follows:

  • In the cosmetics and hygiene industry; perfume, deodorant, body care, hair care products, shower gel, shampoo, bar soap etc.
  • In the field of dermo cosmetics; products used for skin, hair and body care, such as snail extract cream, anti-stretch, anti-aging products, sunscreen, etc.
  • In the cleaning industry, surface cleaners, antibacterials, etc.

Luxury Hand Cream | Hand Cream Best

Creams produced for hands are generally produced to protect hands from external factors and to keep them soft. As well as fragrant products, they contain nutritious oils, skin-beneficial vitamins and specially selected essences. The types of hand care creams that expand your field of preference vary depending on what ingredients they contain.

Not all hand creams contain the same ingredients. If you examine the components in it, you can find which product of which brand is suitable for you. Determining the production of the right hand cream for you will be achieved by following these steps.

Private Label Hair, Body & Skin Care

Continuing its production successfully in Istanbul since 2000, SCKZETA Kimya has a team of expert and professional chemists. Thus, we determine your needs and demands with the support of our expert teams and create a detailed private label production process for you.

You can safely choose us for the production of not only Hand Cream, but also hygiene, cosmetic and cleaning produscts above the process of creating your brand.

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