Hand Soap

Hand Soap

Hand soap is a common hygiene product that accompanies us every day and helps us maintain health and cleanliness. It has been used as a washing and cleaning agent for thousands of years. Technological progress in the 19th and 20th centuries resulted in lower prices and increased popularity that continues to this day.

What are soaps? How can they be obtained? What materials are needed for their manufacture? Find out all this and more in the article. Soaps are considered higher fatty acid salts. They are obtained on an industrial scale by saponification of animal fats or vegetable oils using hydroxides. As a result of this process, besides the appropriate soap, glycerol, which has additional moisturizing properties, is also formed. Soaps consist of a hydrophilic – or water-soluble head and a water-insoluble hydrophobic tail. Due to its amphiphilic feature, spherical structures (micelles) are formed after soap is added to the water. This is because hydrophobic tails penetrate oily molecules, while hydrophilic heads organize themselves on the surface of the structure and interact with water molecules. As a whole, micelles have the capacity to dissolve in water, which allows them to be washed away with contaminants.

Luxury Hand Soap

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The soap manufacturer is responsible for providing a tested and completely safe product. Before a cosmetic can be approved for marketing, it must pass a series of safety assessments and be subject to standards set by the European Union. Regardless of whether it is classified among natural or synthetic products.

During the security assessment, for example, offensive features are tested. Therefore, you should not be afraid of the composition of soaps available on the market, because they must comply with legal regulations and do not pose any danger to human health when used as intended.

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