Household Chemicals

Household Chemicals

Household chemicals often contain harmful chemicals. For this reason, great care must be taken in their production. And support should be obtained from chemical companies that are experts in their fields.
We are with a wide and constantly updated product list. Our company is among the largest manufacturers of cosmetics and house chemicals in Turkey. This enables us to cooperate with all cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning companies that plan to produce their own brand.

Since 2000, we have been constantly working and improving ourselves for the production of various cosmetics and Household Chemicals and products.

Cleaning Supplies and Household Chemicals

As we all know; cleaning is essential to protect our health in our homes, schools and workplaces, in short, in our living spaces.

However, household Cleaning Supplies and Household Chemicals, including soaps, polishes, detergents, scrubs, often contain harmful chemicals. Even products that are advertised as “natural” may contain ingredients that can cause health problems. In fact, most cleaning materials can be flammable or corrosive. Fortunately, you can limit your exposure to these risks. SCKZETA Kimya, a manufacturer of cleaning, cosmetics and hygiene products in Istanbul, offers you first-class quality in production. By sharing all its knowledge and experience in the sector with you.

Chemical Products Suppliers

We are constantly developing together with you and we offer variety and quality by developing our product range.

Our service diversity, professionalism and high service quality that we have provided to our customers have ensured the trust of our customers in our company. Also if you are looking for an expert and experienced company in the production of cosmetic, cleaning and hygiene products, contact SCKZETA Kimya without wasting time.

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