Soap is one of the preferred products for personal care and hygiene. In daily life, the human body is exposed to air pollution and dust. Solid soaps produced by various brands are used to perform daily care in a hygienic way. Solid soap types; It is suitable for use in hand, face and body cleaning. Options effectively cleanse the skin, degrease it.

It is also possible to wash the scalp with some solid soaps. Since the solid ones have a wide usage area, you can also choose them for laundry or cleaning living areas. Solid form options are also loved by many thanks to their pleasant scent. By examining the soaps that come to mind when skin cleaning products are mentioned, you can find the most suitable one for your needs thanks to SCKZETA Kimya.

The Chemistry Brand For Hygiene Products

Soap making and use dates back to ancient times. Soaps are preferred for cleaning in almost every home. In fact, soaps have recently been used as decoration products. Also today, it has become unthinkable to do personal cleaning or household cleaning without soap. Each soap we use has its own special function and area of use.

If you want to clean your skin deeply, bath soaps are the right choice! If you have dry skin, you can take advantage of the moisturizing properties. Also you can choose soaps suitable for your skin type. Bath soaps can also be preferred instead of shower gel.

Hand Soap

The most basic principle of our company is to carry the cleanliness. Also hygiene of people to the highest possible level. Hygiene and cleanliness are an integral part of health.

We are here to make you feel safer, healthier and more special in this sector in which we operate. For this reason, if you want to get detailed information about the production processes of the highest quality and luxury cleaning, hygiene and cosmetic products, contact us.

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